Javier Sierra lives in Málaga on the Costa del Sol, Spain. He has written on the secrets of the Templars, the mystical nun María Jesús of Ágreda, and the enigmas of lost civilizations. All of his novels have a "secret" common purpose: to solve historical mysteries based on real documentation and extensive field research. A bestseller throughout the Spanish-speaking world, The Secret Supper is being translated into more than twenty five languages.

One of the most outstanding authors on the Spanish literary scene, Javier studied Journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid, and published his first book in 1995.

Persistent, inquisitive, and incisive, Javier has visited more than twenty countries, probing their mysteries. Egypt is the country he is most familiar with, having traveled there on many occasions.  During his research in Turkey, he sought (and found) the controversial map of Piri Reis, a document offering definitive proof that Christopher Columbus arrived in America thanks to previous navigational charts made prior to 1492, which already reflected the New World in their routes.  Another of Javier’s frequent destinations is Peru, where he participated in archaeological digs to find the lost Incan gold that Atahualpa hid when Pizarro arrived in Cuzco.  According to Javier, this sacred gold lies buried in an underground network of passageways whose ingenious engineering surpassed that of the Andean priests of the sixteenth century.

Javier currently has seven more books in the works. His primary aspiration is to devote himself entirely to his two no longer secret passions: traveling and writing.