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"In this city nothing happens just by chance. Don’t ever forget it. All appearances here are deceiving. And truth lies where you least expect to find it."

In January 1497, Father Agostino Leyre, a Dominican inquisitor, is sent to Milan at the request of Pope Alexander VI. His clandestine mission is to decode a conundrum that contains the identity of an informer who has made an explosive allegation against the celebrated artist Leonardo da Vinci and his patron, the Duke of Milan. Father Agostino must find out if da Vinci is committing heresy by using his nearly completed masterpiece, The Last Supper, to convey doctrines contrary to those of the Church of Rome.

Mystery and intrigue abound in this riveting historical thriller, as Father Agostino finds himself drawn into a web of murder, deceit, and ancient secrets. He's determined to reveal the truth behind da Vinci's masterpiece…and what he discovers will shake the very foundations of his faith.

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